Topic 1 – Reflection


Figure 1. Reflection WordCloud,

Prior to writing my first post on WordPress, I learned how complex the digital world is, especially when it comes to why, when, where and how people engage with digital technology. By joining WordPress, I was able to access a new part of the digital world and use it to its full potential. I find it fascinating how this course combines both blogs and academia into one, something I have not experienced beforehand.

Due to frequently using the Web, I thought writing a blog post would be less challenging than my psychology modules. However, I was wrong as blogging proved to be a challenge (e.g. keeping within the word limit, writing less ‘clinically’, and additional reading). In searching for guidance, I read other blogs to see the type of language they incorporated. Through reading others’ post, I was able to further understand the digital immigrant/native theory by Prensky (2001), and the digital visitor/resident continuum by White and Cornu (2011). After many corrections and persistence, I became more adept at writing a blog post. Nonetheless, one area I need to improve on is the use of language; some of my peers have said my work is too academic for a blog. I hope to find a balance throughout this module.

By giving comments on Raziya’s and Jordan’s blogs, I was able to see how their research included their views on the digital visitor/resident continuum. For example, Raziya highlights the importance of being both a digital resident and visitor. Additionally, Jordan’s post was informative in detailing the evolution to digital residents/visitors. I also raised the idea of motivation by Beetham and Sharpe (2010) to demonstrate theories outside the digital visitor/resident spectrum.


Figure 2. Beetham and Sharpe’s Model (2010).

As I continue the course, I hope to improve my online presence but to also hone my digital literacy skills.

Word count: 299



Jisc (2014b). Developing digital literacies.

Prensky, M. (2001). Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. On The Horizon9(5), 1-6.

White, D., & Le Cornu, A. (2011). Visitors and Residents: A new typology for online engagement. First Monday16(9).

Figure References

Figure 1: Word cloud, created from wordclouds.

Figure 2: Jisc (2014b). Developing digital literacies.



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